Volumetric Dispensing Systems and Their Benefits:

Ensuring a controlled manufacturing process should be a concern of all business.
When a manufacturing process is out of control, it leads to costly disruptions and a substandard end-product.
AIM Robotics offers a robotic dispensing solution for this by ensuring process control in material dispensing industry.
This ensures companies manufacture their product the same way, every time.

Here is an overview of some mechanical dispenser systems (also called displacement systems):

Reproducibility and Repeatability

Because a pneumatic dispenser uses air pressure to dispense fluids, it will force out more fluid when it’s warm and less viscous, but less when it’s cooler and thicker. This is an issue if your process depends on consistent volume rates.

A mechanical dispenser, however, isn’t affected by viscosity because it dispenses by volume, using a rod and piston or a rotary screw valve to physically force a fluid from the chamber. Positive displacement systems offer consistent and accurate volume control, regardless of variations in temperature, viscosity or volume left in a cartridge.

Primary Uses

Mechanical dispensing systems are widely used in the LED and semiconductor assembly industry. They are a good fit for any automated process that use fluids that have fluctuating viscosities and require high process control.


As the dispensing process is volume controlled, volumetric dispensing systems offer unrivaled process control.
Volumetric dispensing by design removes any and all guesswork from amounts dispensed. Additionally fluid deposit repeatability is improved from +/-30% to upwards of +/- 2% comparing to best-on-market pneumatic dispensing systems as well as most dispense valves.


By nature, mechanical displacement systems require more daily maintenance, since the screw mechanism comes in direct contact with the fluid directly (as opposed to using air pressure). In addition, the cost of the equipment itself is higher than the average pneumatic dispenser.


If you’re not sure which fluid dispensing system is right for you, or if you’d like an expert opinion on which model will best suit your automation needs, contact our engineers at AIM Robotics and we’ll be happy to help you find a custom solution.

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