URCap Development for UR+ Products and Integrators

  • Expert full stack developers
  • UI/UX in-house designers
  • Multitudes of UR+ published products

Full Service Development

From URCap development through UR+ application process to a published Global UR+ product.

Universal Robots are the undoubtable market leader within collaborative robots. Especially in regards to ease of use and proper UI/UX.
UR goes a step further with introduction of their UR+ market place and UR+ certification.
UR+ marketplace offers a one-stop shop for all your collaborative robot needs within all domains of manufacturing.

UR+ certification signifies a Universal Robots tested and approved product, thereby signaling to customers that your product is trustable, easy to use and simple to set up.

Because of the heavy focus on ease of use and reliability for UR+: software development (URCap) is the largest barrier to entry into the UR+ ecosystem. This is where Aim Robotics can assist.

By partnering with Aim Robotics, you not only gain the software expertise necessary to design an easy-to-use URCap specifically for your product, but also receive guidance through UR’s software and hardware verification process from initial URCap design to final testing at UR HQ in Odense, Denmark.
With multitudes of GLOBAL UR+ products and years of experience within robotics and automation, Aim Robotics is the key to fasttrack your product to UR+ global marketplace.