FD 400

FD 400

Airless cartridge dispenser

  • 1.7
    Weight in kilograms
  • 135 x 145 x 390
    Dimensions in millimeters
  • 400 ml
  • Grease
  • 150,000 - 2,000,000
    Approximate viscosities in centipoise


The original Aim Robotics dispenser – no use of air, all-in-one system. Designed to work with 400 ml cartridges and has automatic dosing speed increase while dispensing. Maintains a modular system, making it easy to switch to FD 310 and FD HighV.

Built for Collaborative Robots

  • Native Universal Robots e-Series and CB support
  • Single 8-pin connector - no need for air lines or bulky power cables
  • Suitable for robots with a payload of 3 kg and up

Easy to Use

  • Plug&Dispense - get started in 10 minutes
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all products
  • All-in-one solution - full control over the dispensing parameters from the robot

Quality Control

  • Airless technology ensures minimal flow variation
  • Patented SteadyFlow technology ensures synchronous flow with robot TCP speed
  • Automatic error detection and operator alert

Exchangeable Auger Screws

  • 5 mm pitch - for high inherent resistance and low flow rate
  • 7.5 mm pitch - for moderate inherent resistance and flow rate
  • 10 mm pitch - for low inherent resistance and high flow rate
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Frequently Asked Questions

Access common questions and answers with a single click on the tabs below.

The dispenser uses 400 ml cartridges.

However, all the FD series dispensers are modular, making it easy to support external feed and 310 ml cartridges using an adapter kit.

Native support is limited to URe series cobots, yet you can use most cobots to drive our units by IO and our shared protocols.

All FD series Material Dispensers have a 0-100% dispensing speed scale.

Depending on material, feed screw and nozzle setup, you would normally use speeds from 15-50%.


  • Greases, Lubricants and alike: 25-80%
  • Acrylics, light duty sealants and alike: 25-50%
  • RTV’s, silicones, adhesives, polymers and alike: 10-30%

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