FD400 Air-Less™ Robotic 310/400g cartridge dispenser

  • Plug&Dispense™ on Universal Robots
  • 310g and 400g easy to replace cartridges
  • Support for medium to high viscosity fluids

AirLess™ Advantage with FD400

At Aim Robotics we believe in quick-turn-around and sustainability therefore fast setup and reduced emissions are crucial features implemented when developing our AirLess™ dispensers.

Plug&Dispense™ technology ensures fast ROI and improved operator satisfaction through hallmark features for improving repeatability and ease-of-use.



Flux application

Sealant bead application

Edge Sealing

Adhesive application


Dispenser Features

The FD400 dispenser uses screw pump principle to dispense medium to high viscosity fluids precisely and with high reproducibility.

Built for collaborative robots

  • Native Universal Robots support
  • Single 8-pin connector – no need for air lines nor extra bulky power cables
  • Suitable for robots with payload of 3kg and up

Easy to use

  • Plug&Dispense™ – up and dispensing in under 10 minutes
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all Aim Robotics Dispensers
  • Patented SteadyFlow™ technology ensures synchronous flow with robot TCP speed
  • Supports 400g cartridges out-of-the-box and 310g cartridges with our 310 Adaptor Kit

Quality Control

  • AirLess Technology™ by Aim Robotics ensures minimal flow variation
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all Aim Robotics Dispensers
  • Automatic error detection and operator alert

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