Image of the Air box.

AirBox Pressure Controller

  • Fully electric pressure- & time-based dispensing, controlled via URCap.
  • For use with a wide range of single & 2 component cartridged mediums.
  • Suck-back control for drip-less dispensing.

Fully Electric Pressure Controller

At Aim Robotics we believe in quick-turn-around and sustainability therefore fast setup and reduced emissions are crucial features implemented when developing our our robotic solutions.

Air Box technology ensures fast ROI and improved operator satisfaction through hallmark features for improving repeatability and ease-of-use.


2k adhesives & epoxies

Spray Painting / Glazing

Heavy Adhesives

Abrasive Fluids / Thermal Gap Fillers

Structural Adhesives

Controlling Grippers & Actuators

3d image of Air Box

AirBox Features

AirBox Dispenser controller uses high precision pneumatic pressure and vacuum controllers combined with multiple sensors to ensure best-in-class pneumatic dispensing.

Built for collaborative robots

  • Full precision pressure- & vacuum-control via URCap.
  • Native Universal Robots e-Series support.

Easy to use

  • Plug & Play – up and running in under 10 minutes.
  • Easy-to-use software interface for Universal Robot.
  • All in one solution – full control over the pneumatic parameters.

Quality Control

  • Programmable Under- & Over-pressure warning.
  • Vacuum suck-back control for drip-less dispensing.
  • Provides repeatable dispensing of fluid materials.
  • The total system solution simplifies setup & delivers industry-leading performance.

AirBox Complementary Cartridges

Air Box Dispenser controller can be used with, for example, 50cc 2K and 310ml cartridges.

Airbox Attachments

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