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AirLess™ Fluid Dispensers

Aim Robotics deliver Patent Pending dispensing solutions for the process application industry for collaborative robots. 

Our units are fast to install and easy to set up, without need for pneumatic air, thus achieving higher flexibility in production.

SD 30/55

Aim Robotics first volumetric dispenser is here – SD30/55.
No more guesswork and constant adjustment of air pressure dials – know exactly how much you dispense down to a microliter.
Quick and easy standard 30ml and 55ml syringe replacement.

SD 30/55

FD 400

Aim Robotics AirLess cartridge dispenser.
Quick and easy standard 400g and 310g cartridge replacement.
Made for medium to high viscosity fluids like grease and silicones.

FD 400

FD HighV

Aim Robotics AirLess High-Volume dispenser.
Quick and easy high volume dispensing with quick-connect fluid feed line.
Made for medium to high viscosity fluids like grease and silicones.

FD HighV

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Aim Robotics | Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best precision automated fluid dispensing solutions and make them more accessible, user friendly and versatile to small scale manufacturers – ensuring they gain a competitive edge.

Aim Robotics achieves this by delivering Plug&Play dispensing solutions that easily mount onto any collaborative robot of your choice. The products can be used in a variety of dispensing applications for grease, silicone and adhesive delivery.

Why We Are Different



Our dispensers are electronically controlled removing the variation naturally present when using pneumatic solutions. This ensures that our dispensers deliver fluids with high repeatability for better quality control.


Ease of use

At Aim Robotics we believe in simplicity when it comes to set up and installation of our units. We would like the operators to feel comfortable when changing the application. 

We have, therefore, designed our dispensing units to be seamlessly integrated with the collaborative robots.



Our dispensing units are specially designed and manufactured to be in compliance with the collaborative robot safety standards whilst offering the best end-user experience.

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