Collaborative Robot Dispensers

Aim Robotics deliver cost-effective and easy to use dispenser solutions within the process application industry.

Aim Robotics provide a range of dispensing heads that can be mounted to automated robots to ensure accurate delivery of high viscosity fluids within a production setup. Our competitive advantage is that our systems are Plug & Play – once plugged in they do not require time or technical expertise to install.

Aim Robotics technology ensures professional quality – precise and reliable fluid dispensing exactly as specified (high tolerance control of volume, pressure, flow and fluid placement).

All dispenser solutions are designed in Denmark and can be adapted to use with any robotic solution. Additionally, our experienced partners will ensure smooth initial setup and reliable technical support worldwide.

Aim Robotics | Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best precision automated fluid dispensing solutions and make them more accessible, user friendly and versatile to small scale manufacturers – ensuring they gain a competitive edge.

Aim Robotics achieves this by delivering Plug&Play dispensing solutions that easily mount onto any industrial robot of your choice. The products can be used in a variety of dispensing applications for grease, silicone and adhesive delivery.

Why We Are Different



Our dispenser units are made to last and work 24/7 even in the harshest of environments



Our dispensers are hands down the most precise Universal Robot dispensing solution.
Using progressive cavity principle we ensure repeatability and constant flow no matter of the medium used and outside environment.


Ease of use

At AIM Robotics we believe in simplicity when it comes to UI. Therefore all of our dispensing units are designed to be seamlessly integrated with Universal Robots and reduce the setup time and cut out the costs of integrators.



Our dispensing units are specially designed and manufactured to be in compliance with the collaborative robot safety standards whilst offering the best end-user experience.

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